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iposs conférence meeting workshop
iposs conférence meeting workshop

I manage your conferences, seminars, workshops & postgraduate training

I organize your conferences, seminars, workshops and postgraduate training ranging from basic information meetings to live surgery. After assessing your requirements, your seminars are organized with my teams according to your specialty and expectation, from partial to total management.

Our aim is to highlight your skills.

iposs séminaire meeting workshop

Surgical training

iposs formation chirurgicale surgery

Surgical training allows you to experience at first-hand the emotions and technical skills that are brought into play during live surgery.

From individual support for surgical procedures to discussion of diagnostics and therapeutics, mentoring is our method for delivering skills and knowledge. The aim of this training is to ensure efficient treatment, long lasting results and the patient‘s comfort and well-being.

This is the way our teams understand the professional characteristics of their medical duties of treatment and training.

iposs formation chirurgicale surgery

All courses are tailor made with the surgeon
after thorough and complete study of your expectations and the outcomes you are looking for.

All courses are tailor made with the surgeon after thorough and complete study of your expectations and the outcomes you are looking for.


Attend a surgery « practice of a precise skill »: you come to the surgical unit to meet the surgeon and discuss precise topics.


Introduce the patients needing treatment and discuss them with the referring surgeon: the surgeon goes to your office or operating theatre to assist you, report during and after surgery, in situ training.


A few words to thank a great team! The customized training course you gave us was a tremendous experience. My assistant and I sincerely thank you. The week we spent together was a great opportunity to improve technically and that’s what I wanted. This course was also an opportunity to benefit from skills and a global approach centred on the patient which will be a major beacon in improving our standards. I recommend this approach to surgeons striving for the best! Kind regards.

Docteur L.B Guadeloupe

I wanted to thank you for all the services provided by your company Surgery-Service-France by IPOSS as symposium organizer. I attended live surgeries several times with you and a theoretical and practical customized training course about specific surgery techniques. Not only did you organize the theoretical and practical teaching by finding the conference and surgical practice premises and ensuring they were available but you also managed the whole transport and accommodation organisation in Paris and other major French cities. Your professionalism and availability are remarkable. It was a real pleasure working together on all our projects. Best regards.

Docteur J.F.A Paris


I wanted to thank you for your professionalism in organizing my network of referring colleagues. The first evening in Toulouse was greatly appreciated and the high number of colleagues attending it is a proof of success. I hope we’ll do the same in Paris. I have already received good feedback regarding the professional connections you have made. Regards.

Docteur E.S Toulouse